E-learning Fusion 2019:

During three prior editions (2016-2017-2018) we hosted 1500 listeners and presented over 50 different lectures. Among invited speakers were representatives of most renowned companies: ING Bank, mBank, Elavon, PZU, Orange, British Petroleum. Speakers we are inviting every year are biggest experts in the field of digital learning, among others: Perry Timms, Andy Lancaster, Rob Hubbard, Jo Cook, Donald Clark, Pete Jenkins, Myles Runham.

ELF provides possibility to share knowledge, experience and inspiration. Alongside this year’s conference we are also debuting first in Poland e-learning fairs. Both are designed to be not only a continuation but also a development of our prestigious annual event.

During the conference:

Leading theme of ELF 19 is future of digital learning market. We’re going to touch on VR/AR solutions, explain possibilities of adaptive learning, machine learning, real gaming (?) also we want to bring up an issue of how to build positive learning experience for an employee while using e-learning tools. We are looking to answer a question whether AI can allow as to accelerate both learning and forgetting irrelevant knowledge. We want to shed some light on specific technologies and tools, which – if properly used – can develop various e-learning formulas. During ELF we’re aiming to combine two worlds: of buyers and vendors. ELF atmosphere is aiming to create new business and social relations which will be a stepping stone for the development of polish e-learning world and technology.

Conference theme paths


​​Technology and tools facilitating development of digital learning world.

Strategy and content

Dedicated to directions of learning in organizations, key concepts, formulas and tools allowing L&D professionals to build culture which cultivates development urge in employees

Practice and experience
„E-learning lounge”

Sharing knowledge and experience is rooted in the DNA of modern digital learning solutions. In this segment practitioners will present their ideas for implementation and will encourage feedback during speeches and panel discussions.

In the exhibit segment, expositors will conduct workshops and lectures. There will be an opportunity to familiarize yourself with newest tools, training libraries, technologies for designing e-courses and digital learning solutions.